• Amethyst Ascension Star™ with Oval Cut Tanzanite

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Amethyst purifies and amplifies healing and spiritual energies. Balances the emotions. Transmutes energy blocks. Moderates overindulgence.

The Ascension Star This unique cut lifts the heart through compassion and helps provide the structure for “ascension”.  As humanity evolves we both embody and radiate the love, wisdom, and perfect balance needed to create heaven on earth, joyfully living our soul’s purpose, celebrating the dance of life.

Tanzanite is a stone of magic.  Assists in manifestation. Strengthens our connection with spiritual guidance.

Amethyst Ascension Star™ 16x26mm; approx. 11.8 carats; Sterling Silver

Oval Cut Tanzanite
6x4mm; approx. .32 carats



Amethyst Ascension Star™ with Oval Cut Tanzanite

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